The Best Roadside Drinking Companion A Guest Could Ask For

by ZARAH BURSTEIN · August 13, 2010

    MEET CYRIL. Cyril is the owner of the ever-popular roadside drinking spot along the Napeague stretch: Cyril's Fish House. A quirky man who likes to sit and watch the crowd that comes into his establishment, Cyril is the greatest character you'll encounter on your Saturday afternoon daydrinking adventures.

    Straw hat on head, a smoke in one hand, magic "eight ball" cane in the other, Cyril is a hard person to describe. But considering the forecast for this weekend is, in a word, may as well make a pit stop at Cyril's on your way to the beach and see for yourself. Here's a couple suggestions on how to get on his good side:

    1. Forget Orange Mocha Frappucinos and drink a BBC (banana, baileys and cream) with a rum floater - it's just like a smoothie (but BETTER). If you want to get on Cyril's level and achieve his classic "hungover look" you probably should drink at least three.

    2. Replicate Cyril's fantastic sense of style by wearing the same straw hat - or something similar as he was heard quoting to a passerby that he hopes "to see someone wearing the same straw hat in pink."

    3. Get in the spirit of summer and pull out those lobster embroidered pants. Even better, wear those lobster pants while singing and swaying along to reggae-infused Celine Dion jams sometimes heard at the Fish Shack. Bonus: the ladies will love this.

    4. One up Cyril's eight ball cane and bring a real magic eight ball to tell everyone their fortune for the night. Or bring a striped or solid cane and ask him if he'd like to play a game of pool.

    5. Tell him that you need life advice from an elder when your friends threaten to make you walk home for a silly reason such as eating the last taco on the plate. Cyril will sternly point his "eight ball"cane to the driver and make sure that everything is magically taken care of.

    Cyril will always be delighted to speak with his guests. He most likely won't remember you after that day, but isn't that how some of the best relationships go anyway? Either way, your visit to Cyril's Fish Shack is a good way to start off your night (er...late afternoon), wherever that night may take you.