Blade Launches Buses To The Hamptons - Is The Ride Worth The Ticket Price?

by Guest of A Guest · May 13, 2024

    Finally, a new way to suffer through the summer traffic out East.

    Not everyone can afford the pretty penny ticket price of a Blade helicopter seat, which runs about $1,050 these days. But for the HENRYs out there who are none too pleased to slum it on The Jitney with the whole of the Upper East Side, a spot on the luxury travel company's new high-end bus, The Hamptons Streamliner, might just do the trick.

    Okay with bearing soul-killing traffic so long as you're distracted by amenities? The luxury motor-coach features 19 motion-cancelling seats which recline up to 45 degrees, a trendy menu of treats including rosé, tequila, PopUp Bagels, and Sweetgreen salads, cashmere blankets to save yourself from the AC and... hot towels... to feel fancy?

    Seats on the bus start at $195 - premium single seats cost $275 - with stops at South, Bridge and East.

    [Photos via Blade]