Fleur Du Mal's Jennifer Zuccarini On The Art Of Packing For The Hamptons

by Christie Grimm · August 5, 2021

    Packing for the Hamptons is no easy feat. Even if you're just staying the weekend, how can one  possibly prepare for a scorcher day turned freezing night composed of walking into town for breakfast, hanging at the beach, a last minute private fancy dinner party, and a late night out in Montauk?!

    Lucky for you, Jennifer Zuccarini has got it down to a science. The Amagansett girl and Founder of cult favorite lingerie, ready-to-wear and swim brand Fleur du Mal has mastered the art of the carry-on! 

    Curious to learn her stylish secrets and which Hamptons spots she loves most?

    When do you normally start packing for a weekend trip to the Hamptons?
    Usually an hour or two before I leave, I’m a last minute packer, but we have a place in Amagansett so I always have a stash of clothing on hand. 

    I also keep a half-packed bag basically going all summer. 

    Do you tend to travel light or heavy?
    I like to travel light. I’m in Portugal as we speak where I’m traveling for 2 weeks with just a carry-on. It takes a lot of discipline and planning almost every look, but I don’t like checking bags. I pack a lot of silk slip dresses which (when folded) could almost fit into a clutch.

    Go-to Hamptons pieces everyone should have in their bag?
    I like multitasking items like slip dresses that take you from the beach to a pool party, swim tops that double as bra tops. 

    I always pack our Charlotte Lace Bodysuit, no matter where I’m going. 

    What's one thing you always forget to bring?
    A jacket - I always think it’s warmer than it is. 

    What's one thing you can't live without?
    My iPad - I do all my reading on it. If I ever forget it, it’s a thing.

    What's something you always pack but know you definitely don't need?
    Sometimes I’ll throw in something random like a sequin dress, just in case there is a fun party to attend at the last minute. 

    How much lingerie would you typically pack?
    For a weekend, I’ll pack 3 bras - our Luxe Triangle in a neutral color, one lacy bra and a strapless, plus a pair of Nippies just in case.

    Preferred method of transportation out East?
    Driving myself out and rolling work calls to pass the time, but if that doesn’t happen, the Jitney (Ambassador class of course). 

    Anything fun on your summer travel playlist?
    Everything from Doja Cat to Disco, lately I’ve been rediscovering some 90s faves like Inner City and Soul II Soul. 

    What are your absolute favorite Hamptons haunts? Carissa’s for breakfast/lunch (the breakfast tacos and coconut yogurt are the best). 

    Crow’s Nest for early drinks and dinner.

    Si Si for a great sunset.

    La Fin in Montauk.

    Amber Waves in Amagansett for essentials.

    New York Pilates in Montauk. 

    Beach or pool?
    Swimming in the ocean always - but hanging by a pool. 

    What's one thing you'd love to do before the end of the summer?
    Surf! I’m not very good but I bought a new board last year that I need to get in the water. 

    What are you most excited for next?
    We’re coming out with a limited edition Fleur surf board. We’re only making four but I’m super excited about it.

    [Photos via @jenniferzuccarini]