'Hamptons Born' Twitter Reveals What's Really Happening In The Hamptons

by Neesha Arter · June 7, 2012

    Joe Shwenk, born and raised in East Hampton, is bringing his honest opinions to Twitter to keep a running count of everything he sees, hears and is asked as a handyman.  Writing from the Twitter handle @HamptonsBorn, Shwenk is not holding back about the real Hamptons' life.His bio on Twitter reads:

    "Born and raised in EH. 3rd generation bonnacker. House Watcher. I farm, fish, paint (and powerwash). Doing my best to play nice with city people."

    The straight shooter says what everyone is thinking, and he also took it upon himself to coin the term "citiots," referring to the many travelers from NYC that head out to the Hamptons each summer. One of the best parts of this Twitter account is the daily tweet called "Hamptons Request of the Day," which documents the requests he gets from clients that are not only ridiculous but quite humorous. In an interview with New York Magazine, Schwenk described himself as:

    "Mid 30s guy who, along his brother and two others, help the rich and helpless transition from concrete to grass."

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    He also gave the real explanation of what a "citiot" is:

    "A few years ago, I saw a sweating woman in tights wearing a cell phone headset scream 'I told you to make it with RICE MILK! RICE MILK! RICE MILK!' to a clerk at a juice bar. My friend said to me, 'citiot.'"

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