The Best Meme Of The Super Bowl: I Made Queso

by Stephanie Maida · February 4, 2019

    As always, the best Super Bowl party you could have attended this year was the one going down on Twitter. Because the people on your timeline will always be funnier than your friend's husband's frat brothers whom you only interact with once a year on this very sports holiday.

    Despite plenty of Tom Brady tweets, and all of the readily available joke-fodder of a shirtless Adam Levine during the halftime show, this year's best Super Bowl meme had nothing to do with football, or Maroon 5, or even a commercial. Instead, it was queso. Well, something claiming to be queso, at least.

    It all started when Dana Perino, a FOX News anchor and the former Press Secretary under George W. Bush, tweeted out a horrifying photo of what absolutely did not resemble everyone's favorite cheesy dip, with the caption "I made queso."

    The grotesque concoction soon went viral, resulting in a Twitter-wide competition of who could post the least appetizing photo of "queso." From Mark Hoppus's Fyre Festival reference to some hilarious displays of photoshop, the ensuing Tweets did not disappoint.