Arielle Charnas's Coronavirus Saga Is A Rabbit Hole Impossible Not To Fall Into

by Stephanie Maida · April 1, 2020

    When we were bracing ourselves for the coronavirus pandemic to hit NYC, we certainly weren't expecting Arielle Charnas, the Something Navy fashion blogger who boasts over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, to emerge as a central character - let alone a "villain."

    But alas, influencers gotta influence, and you don't build such a huge social media following by not keeping yourself relevant at all times. Charnas, to be sure, has done just that, although it seems to have seriously backfired.

    The whole headline-making narrative began back when she "felt sick" just as COVID cases first started emerging in New York. Testing was scarce and limited to people with severe symptoms and high risk factors (it still mostly is), but Charnas was able to call up a doctor friend (whom she said she has "on speed dial") to get her a drive-by test. She of course Insta-storied the entire process, prompting followers to call out her privilege. 

    She addressed the backlash in a follow-up post, in which she also revealed that she did indeed test positive for COVID-19. Her Instagram Husband, Brandon, was also feeling unwell at this time, but Charnas said they would be resting and continuing to self-quarantine. Nevertheless, they both seemed to be closely interacting with their two young daughters, even after her test results came in. Weird, but since children are reportedly less likely to get a serious case, and they were all stuck in the same home together, there might not have been much else to do. 

    Fast forward a bit - though not past the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine period - and Charnas and her family have picked up and gone to the Hamptons, where she's been dancing for TikTok, advertising loungewear sets, and even going for walks around the neighborhood. That move sparked even more criticism on her Instagram, resulting in her eventually shutting off comments on all of her recent posts.

    Now if this all seems like enough drama for one Insta star in the age of coronavirus, buckle up and hold on to your tie-dye sweatpants. This is only the tip of the iceberg. 

    In a now-viral Twitter thread, writer Sophie Ross has taken a deep, deep dive into the bizarre behavior of Charnas and her husband since she claims to have contracted COVID, from their incessant #sponconning of the whole thing, to the fact that their nanny is still around (and made an accidental appearance in an IG Live video).

    The whole thing is a damn doozy and leaves readers wondering what's worse: that Charnas is being so totally careless or the possibility that she, well, made it up.

    Head HERE to read the full thread but be warned: there's no coming back from this Arielle Charnas corona conspiracy rabbit hole.

    [Photos via @ariellecharnas]