Twitter Round Up: Who's Braving The Hamptons With Hurricane #Irene?

by Annie Rooney · August 26, 2011

    Evacuate or stay and party? While some Hamptons' events have been canceled and postponed, there are plenty that still plan to hang out on the East End. If you can't decide on whether to stay on the island for some Irene debauchery or head west here's what the talk of the town is tweeting...

    Who's staying?

    Andy Cohen's got the #Irene 411 and he's staying!

    Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) tweeted @ramonasinger:

    "Oy I'm staying in Hamptons. This'll be interesting"

    Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (@CountessLuAnn) tweeted:

    "We are staying put and safe, thanks xo !! :) "

    Seriously. He's not leaving.

    Alec Baldwin (@AlecBaldwin) tweeted:

    "...I have water, batteries, a scrabble dictionary, peanut M&Ms, a copy of Decision Points and a Thigh Master."

    Samantha Yanks (@SamanthaYanks) tweeted:

    @PatrickMcMullan we are going to have to find another way to celebrate your birthday. Seems #Irene is spoiling a lot of parties!

    Sarah Maslin Nir (@SarahMaslinNir) tweeted:

    "Thinking about doing a Nocturnalist piece about hanging outside with Irene all night. Should I?"

    Lennon Ficalora (@WampumNy) tweeted:

    "Hope everyone stays safe when the hurricane hits and until then lets party."

    Hampton Coffee (@HamptonCoffee) tweeted:

    "Hampton Coffee cafes open as usual tomorrow and Saturday. Stock up on #coffee and pastries for #irene before Sunday. Sandwich platters too!"

    As always, you can expect a solid Hamptons turnout from the GofG crew. We have parties to go to this weekend!

    It's Carson's Bday weekend, OF COURSE she's staying in the Hamptons.

    Rachelle Hruska (@rachellehruska) tweeted:

    "Reporting from Montauk Office: Sunny, clear skies. Barely a breeze. Perfect beach day!"

    Carson Griffith (@CarsonGriffith) tweeted:

    "Just pulled the most amazing outfits for the charity lunch & my bday tomorrow. I will definitely be better dressed than that bitch #IRENE."

    Anna Young Lombardi (@AnnaYLombardi) tweeted:

    "5pm cyrils hurricane pregame. Who's with me??"

    Who's leaving?

    Justin Ross Lee (@JustinRossLee) tweeted:

    "It's good to have an airline CEO on speed dial. On the first flight out of town before Irene blows me like she's pledging SDT @ Hofstra."

    Who can't make up their mind?!

    Well just what should she do??

    Kelly K. Bensimon (@kellybensimon) tweeted:

    "Morning. Everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do evacuate or no evacuate?"