Getting To The Hamptons By StndAir vs Bus, As Told By Filmmaker Casey Neistat

by Dena Silver · July 20, 2012

    So we've already weighed out the pros and cons of getting to the Hamptons via every route possible. What we didn't do was get a video of the GofG team trying out each possible escape route from NYC out East. Luckily, we don't have to because The Standard had filmmaker Casey Neistat do it for us.

    [StndAIR via]

    And yes, Casey does have a preference for the StndAIR sea plane, but who wouldn't? When you fly the “fucking magical time machine,” as Casey puts it, with a 007-esque pilot, a cute girl handing out rosé and a 45 minute ride, we can all agree that StndAIR is the luxurious no brainer to getting to the Hamptons. Just one tip, if you do have to take the Jitney, maybe leave behind the gun.