Take A Seat At Questlove's Enviable Food Salon

by Christie Grimm · November 7, 2015

    Who more fitting a host for a modern day Salon - an oh-so-enviably sophisticated meeting of minds intellectual, fashionable, cultural - than young society squire, Questlove! Alright, we admit, not the first name to cross our minds, but hey - guy knows how to throw a dinner party!

    In The Food Salon, Quest invites friends for a series of casual soirees, a who's who of interesting New York. Most recently gathering chez Lela Rose for an evening of culinary conversation, and only the most amusing of amuse-bouches, The Food Salon is quite a coveted invite. No servers. No dress code. No tablecloths even! Take an exclusive look at chefs Flynn McGarry (Eureka), Ryan Hardy (Charlie Bird), and Fabian Von Hauske (Contra) as they work their magic. Let's just say, apparently it's duck season - a fact slightly sad, but mostly delicious.