5 Things Not To Wear This Fourth Of July Weekend

by Anna Lombardi · July 1, 2011

    Here it is, Fourth of July weekend has arrived! What is it about long holiday weekends that makes people think dressing hideously is alright? I have compiled a list of the five most heinous fashion trends I hope not to see this weekend - or ever again for that matter.

    1. Crocs

    I have yet to figure out how society has ever made these "shoes" okay. They are not okay. And stop with the "I was just out in the garden" excuse, your plants shouldn't have to even look at these disgusting things. You can ramble on about comfort, but I am really comfortable in my bathrobe and I know enough not to wear it out to dinner. I would argue that a pair of orthopedic shoes are more comfortable and (depending on the brand) less of an eye sore. I would tell you Croc owners to take them to the street and run them over, but apparently they are manufactured to withstand everything.

    Yeah, thats Steven Tyler in a pair of Crocks. I know, I know, I just lost a lot of respect for him also. The point is if this guy looks like a doofus in them, imagine how you are looking. [photo via]

    2. The Canadian Tuxedo, the phrase used for wearing jean on jean.

    This has been a pet peeve of mine since I was six. I think I actually get itchy when I see jean pants, or shorts paired with a jean jacket. Wearing jean on jean is a great way of letting people know you eat Kraft Mac and Cheese out of a box for dinner every night. What amazes me even more is that this has become most popular during the summer season. I get hot just looking at all that denim! I love my jean jacket, but there are so many options for an extra layer, choose either top or bottom for your denim.

    Good thing this guy gave us a little half tuck action, otherwise I'd have no idea where one denim ended and the other began! Imagine if he gave a full tuck? It would be like a denim leotard or shall I call it, a Canadian Tuxedotard.

    This actually happened [photos via]

    3. Bandana's

    I am actually a big fan of playing around with bandana's and making them into headbands. It stops there people. There is something very mass murder about it.

    Yeahhh, you catch my drift right? [photo via]

    4. Socks and Sandals

    This is actually mind boggling to me. What makes somebody wake up in the morning and think, "let me put on a pair of socks, and then I'll put my sandals on", somebody who is clearly not much of a thinker. Sandals are made for your feet to be exposed. I would say ditch the sock, but people who fall victim to this are usually in a pair of tevas, and those are right up there with my feelings on Crocks. If you don't want your feet exposed put on a pair of sneakers! Just please don't go to the beach in them.

    Let be honest, this guys got a denim jacket somewhere in the back seat [photo via]

    5. The Fanny Pack

    Do I really need to say more? [photos via]