Four Worst Walks Of Shame: Hamptons Edition

by Anna Lombardi · July 27, 2011

    We've all had those nights. The alcohol is flowing, and in the heat of the moment the only natural thing to do is continue this good time back home - only its somebody else's home. Fast forward 4 or 5 hours from this moment, when you are searching for an ice cold glass of water and you suddenly realize you have no idea where you are. After slurping from the bathroom water faucet you are ready for your next mission: Operation "Getting Home." Depending on where you end up on the East End this can either be a breeze, or a complete disaster.

    1. The Capri Hotel in Southampton is a great place to lounge poolside or grab dinner and drinks (Nobu anyone?), but do not allow yourself to end up here. The Capri is right at the beginning of 27, so even though your make out session in the cab from East Hampton made your time "fly" getting back there last night, this morning your hung over trip back will feel endless. Not to mention by the time you get a cab, or get your new "friend" up to drive you back east, you will have wasted the whole day... shamefully.

    So this was fun.... [photo via]

    2. Waking up in a Hamptons sharehouse is pretty much the equivalent to waking up in a frat house. There are bodies everywhere on a Sunday morning. The only thing you can hope for is that whoever you stayed with has people in the home who brought home other girls who are also trying to get home. Otherwise, you are just finding your way through a big mess.

    Stay together girls!

    3. A house boat: when he tells you that he has a house on the water, you may find it fun when he rows you out to his house boat that is anchored up. Whether or not you end up "rocking the boat," being rowed back to shore in the morning may not be so charming.

    If you attract the house boater, may I suggest keeping one of these in your bag, just in case you need to "dip" out... [photo via]

    4. The Springs in East Hampton is known for its rural feel. People love The Springs because of the ability it has to make you feel "lost." This romantic "lost" feeling is, well, lost when you wake up with no cell service, and no way to get back to 27.