Hampton Jitney Mockery Video, Just As Lame As The Jitney Itself

by Maggie McGlinchy · August 10, 2011

    Riding on the Hampton Jitney at least once in your life is a total New York right of passage. No one actually likes the Jitney, but we deal with it's shitty wifi and no cell phone rule because we have to. Plus, deep down inside, all of us has a soft spot for those big green monsters. With that being said, I came across some YouTube video bashing the Jitney in a manner that was probably supposed to be funny but ended up being annoying in the most irritating fashion. Take a look for yourself... She sings about being a Hamptons regular and thinking that the Jitney was super high class and luxurious, only to discover it is in fact just a "f*cking bus."

    But since when have people been glorifying the Hampton Jitney? The only time I've ever heard anyone discuss it in a sort-of chic manner was when it was on a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, but I can assure you that Serena Van Der Woodsen did not want to take the Jitney, but she had to because of some complication with her love triangle between Nate and Blair.

    [via] See? Here they are fighting about it: "Serena, just take my private car in stead of the Jitney, I love you and I'm super hot." Or something like that...

    I'm pretty sure we're all on the same page here: the Jitney sucks.