Hate Taking Shots? Introducing The Sliz Cup

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 8, 2011

    Reluctant shot takers, fear no more! The Sliz cup is here to help you take your shots with less disgust! And I know, it's kinda college-y, but it's also freaking brilliant, so just hear me out on this.


    Essentially, the sliz is like a beer funnel (aka beer bong), but for shots. Here's how sliz.com breaks down "How To Sliz":

    It's that easy. When you "Sliz it down" you can't taste the alcohol, which makes it great amongst the college crowd because they won't have to cringe when they're chugging their cheap vodka. But don't be intimidated, the Sliz can totally be Hamptons appropriate, so go ahead and sliz down your Grey Goose!

    Here's a how-to video from sliz.com:

    The background music gets me everytime!

    Here are some tips for slizzing:

    1. Select liquor and chaser based on your personal preferences 2. Never stop in the middle of a sliz 3. Don’t get carried away - Sliz what you can handle to build your tolerance 4. Avoid blowing bubbles, it will mix defeating the purpose 5. Racing a friend will encourage speed 6. Chilled beverages are recommended 7. Never sliz alone

    Happy Slizzing!