Uh Oh! Majorly Bad News For Prosecco Drinkers

by Jane Ninivaggi · June 29, 2016

    We think it's safe to say that we can thank the bottomless brunch epidemic and our personal passion for mimosas for Bloomberg's report of prosecco sales skyrocketing by 38% in the U.S. alone. While these bottles of bubbly are typically less expensive than Champagne, fewer calories than most alcoholic drinks, and totally acceptable to binge drink during the day, it seems that their sugar content and acidity levels are reaping harmful effects on drinkers (shocker?).

    With around a teaspoon of sugar per glass and high levels of carbon dioxide that erodes tooth enamel, dentists have dubbed the signature decay that results from over consumption the 'Prosecco Smile.' Even more cringe-worthy is that the decay is most apparent on the front teeth because of increased contact with the liquid. In other words, mo' prosecco, mo' problems. 

    While it may be easy to say no to drinking an entire liter of soda, turning down a bottle of prosecco takes a special kind of commitment and sadness. Dentists recommend ditching the drink, but to that, we say no thanks. Instead, try drinking it out of straw (preferably bendy) and using an enamel-repair toothpaste.

    What's wrong with the world that our Instagram accounts are making us fat and our lifeblood is damaging our smiles? We think we need a drink.

    [Photo via @silvia.tonello]