For many single gals, Valentine’s Day is anticipated with about as much excitement as a bikini wax. With engagement ring advertisements on overdrive and restaurants packed with canoodling couples – as a single person, it’s easy to feel like you’re wearing a scarlet letter. But this holiday is for more than just couples, it’s for anyone and everyone who wants an excuse to celebrate. I mean who doesn’t love, Love? Love for your BFF, your faithful French bulldog who’s ALWAYS there when you need her, your awesome dry cleaner, who never scolds you for bringing in wine stained blouses week after week… Besides – this holiday was never for (most of) the boys anyway. I’m pretty sure that the majority of males are happy to leave the doilies, pink hearts and sappy, soul-baring cards to us lady folk. But even if the thought of all that makes you want to upchuck your kale salad and shut the blinds until the 15th, there are plenty of ways to feel the love.

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