Bryan Rabin's "Diamond Dogs" Party, Latest "It" Party To Be At, Debuts In Hollywood Last Night

by Rachelle Hruska · April 10, 2009

    Last night, Bryan Rabin (Hollywood Promoter behind the "Club Cherry" party) came back, with some help from friends Kelly Cole and Ian Cripps. The new party, "Diamond Dogs" is an obvious shout out to David Bowie and Rabin had an invite list a mile long of fabulous types attending,

    "Indeed, he’s got everyone—from former Squeezebox mastermind Michael Schmidt to LA Weekly scribe Lina Lecaro to club kid escapee James St. James to B. Akerlund—on his invite." [BB]

    More photos from last night below...

    [Photos by DAVID CROTTY for PMc]

    Anne Crawford, Bryan Rabin, Tony Ward, Dudley DeZonia

    Ian Cripps, ?, Shawn Cripps, Paula Williams

    Angie Diamond, Branden Glen, Andy Loftus

    Rose Apodaca, Meow Meow, Dita Von Tease, ?