Teen Choice Awards Preparty: Small People, Big Personalities

by SARAH MANDATO · August 6, 2009

    [Photos via Getty]. Yesterday, some very young things dressed in truly jaw dropping attire (and leaning on what appears to be a stripper pole, at left) displayed their bigger-than-life personalities on the red carpet for the Totally Texty Teen Choice Awards preparty in Hollywood, California. We're not sure if all that sunny weather inspires the Lolita-like style of dress, or if having your own billboard to stand in front of brings the confidence to rock some bad girl shoes at what should be a good girl age, but this crew is strutting with confidence. They are also all smiles, having not yet seen who took home the trophies.

    Does the little girl on the right look familiar? That's Noah Cyrus, little sister to Miley. What, you didn't wear that much makeup when you were nine?