Zara Terez Launches Handbag Line In West Hollywood

by AMANDA DIBIASE · August 12, 2009

    [ZARA TEREZ, Photos by ANDREAS BRANCH for PMc] Zara Terez hosted a spectacular smash of a party for the launch of her new handbag line yesterday at SKY BAR in West Hollywood. Guests joining Zara Terez included Val Bloom, Lady Victoria Hervey, Eva La Rue, and Kristen Renton. The bags are a refreshing change of pace with their eye-dropping designs, including everything from extra pockets to exciting new textures and colors, both on the outside and the inside.

    Zara Terez, Val Bloom

    Vanessa Branch

    Saavy, Mandy, Rachel McCord

    Lady Victoria Hervey, Julia Verdie, Kristen Renton

    Eva La Rue

    Caroline D'Amore, Brittany Flickanger

    An-ya, Angel McCord