Call Your Mother! Instagram's Newest Feature Is What We've Always Wanted

by Claire Reaves · August 31, 2016

    This is not a drill!!! You can now ZOOM IN on photos and videos on your Insta feed and everyone can now stop yelling at their mothers for accidentally liking photos from 56 weeks ago. Facetuners and Photoshoppers beware, because your followers can now pinch and zoom in on photos on the social media site. *Instagram models scream in the distance* 

    The update is currently only available for iOS 'grammers, Instagram is looking to release the Android compatible update in the following weeks. Initial impressions were that the physical action of pinching-to-zoom while trying to navigate around the image is a little awkward, but I'm sure it's something we'll get used to in no time! Is it a blessing in disguise or actually our worst nightmare? Jury's out at the moment, but let us know what you think...

    [Photo via @le21eme]