Something shady is going on with Something Navy - again.

Following the past few years of COVID sagas, controversial covers, and allegations of ripping off designs, influencer Arielle Charnas is once again trending on social media. But this time, her husband is the one at the center of all the drama.

According to the (thus far unfounded) rumors swirling on Reddit and Instagram, Brandon Charnas has been rather busy lately, between embezzling funds from his wife's company (allegedly), having extramarital affairs (allegedly), and going on the run from his legal troubles (allegedly).

And while the rumor mill is claiming that the pair is now heading towards divorce, a spokesperson for the couple told us, “all of these rumors are fake. Arielle and Brandon are happily married, there was absolutely no embezzlement. This is all part of a disgusting, coordinated smear campaign attempting to damage Arielle and Brandon’s reputations and lives."

As for what, exactly, has the internet in a Charnas gossip chokehold? Click through for a rundown of the (alleged) scandal everyone can't stop talking about.

[Photo via @ariellecharnas]