David Geffen Has FINALLY Returned To Instagram, & We Have So Many Questions!

by Guest of A Guest · June 6, 2022

    Not going to lie - we were starting to get a little worried about David Geffen. Not like, organize a wellness check kind of worried. But definitely throw down a Google News search every so often just to make sure everything's good kind of worried, you know?

    Yesterday, the business mogul posted to his Instagram account for the first time in... over two years! 

    Talk about a social media cleanse.

    The momentous occasion for his return? To share a photo of the cutest little fluff ever (objectively speaking). 

    Is this his puppy? Is her name Baby? Does he call puppies babies? So many questions and so few answers.

    But we digress. Back to the more curious situation at hand. What on Earth caused David to go silent for so long?

    While it's not like he's ever been the most active influencer, he's been pretty reliable - namely when it comes to sharing snaps of his mega yacht. Which brings us to our main point. 

    Before his return, David's last post was on February 5th, 2020.

    On February 10th, 2020, we published a fun little irreverently snarky article titled, 'We Get It David Geffen, You Have A Yacht...' a very serious piece of journalism highlighting the billionaire's not-so-low-key penchant for posting glamour shots of his yacht, the exotic locations he docks and the famous guests he's hosted on the high seas. It's a two-minute read tops!

    Is it crazy to think that we somehow in some way caused David Geffen to go cold turkey on his boat porn? To take some time and re-evaluate what he has to offer as a person beyond just drone pin-up photos of Rising Sun? That's his boats name, by the way. I know, right?

    Honestly the world may never know. 

    But what we do know is that when we saw his photo of that sweet something-poo pup (Cavapoo? Cockapoo? Who are we to say for sure), we thought for sure this was David Geffen 2.0 - the beginning of his second coming as an approachable rich guy. 

    But then, just hours later, perhaps in fulfillment of some prophecy we have had a hand in writing, he posted a pic of his boat in Menorca.

    Old habits die hard.

    At this point, we couldn't help but wonder...

    Is David Geffen more obsessed with his boat than we are obsessed with David Geffen's obsession with his boat?

    [Photos via @davidgeffen]