Really, it doesn't get more 'New Money' than this.

David Geffen, the visionary business mogul, music producer, and film studio executive, is famous for many things. But, one quick scan of his Instagram, and it's clear there are only two things he's wants you to know about him. The first is that he's a shameless face dropper - so many photos of hanging out with Oprah, so little time. And the second is that he's the uber proud, so-into-it-he-can't-help-but-stick-it-in-your-face owner of a mega yacht.

So in love with his yacht is he that over 12% of his posts are just solo shots of the boat from afar, floating out in the exotic waters of the Mediterranean on some chic holiday. A habit perhaps most akin on a non-billionaire level to that 23 year old guy whose Facebook profile photos are all just slightly different shots of that super cool Subaru Impreza he tricked out with a ridiculously huge spoiler, a new muffler that sounds like a lawnmower with bronchitis, and a trunk made useless with subwoofers the size of checked bags.

Is he selling the yacht? Hoping desperately some other billionaire will be scrolling through his feed, fancy what he or she sees and just DM him a cash offer for $300 million? I mean, he's a man for whom money is clearly no object, but to spend it on drones, or dare we even suggest, private helicopters, to fly overhead and snap that majestic shot out at sea, just to what - scrapbook it? All I'm saying is, dude's either a yacht broker, or he's got some serious boat fetish.

My suggestion? Follow the well worn path all annoying, socially aware dog owners ultimately take and make a separate Instagram for Rising Sun. The yacht has its own Wikipedia page - why not its own Instagram!? Oh, by the way, it's called Rising Sun. Which I hope we can all agree is just so, "ugh, really?"

Listen, I can only imagine how hard he, a boy from Borough Park, Brooklyn (which excuse me, is that a place?) must have had to work to own the 11th largest yacht in the world. But you have to agree, these glamour shots (and I'm not even touching the rest of his photos which are all of Bruce Springsteen and Karlie Kloss and Diane von Furstenberg on board the thing) are totally modern day Scrooge McDuck, no?

David, you love your yacht. And it's very sweet and you should. But you are also, I suspect, more than your yacht. And maybe, just maybe, that was a breakthrough, years in therapy won't get you there, Good Will Hunting "it's not your fault," moment. You are, however, technically speaking, a concert hall at Lincoln Center. But, you are not a yacht.

Click through for an album of David's sublime sea snaps. You know he wants you to.