The London Look: Oliver Zeffman

by Guest of A Guest · June 19, 2024

    What an exciting place the London music scene has become in the hands of Oliver Zeffman

    The revered young conductor is as much a talent on stage as off, breathing new life into the world of Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky by dreaming up "Music x Museums," a series of stunning concert films shot across London's top cultural institutions, and Classical Pride, an annual showcase celebrating the LGBTQ+ community within classical music which in one year he's grown from being just one show to five days of events. 

    Curious where you'll find this Londoner out and about, what restaurants he's loving most at the moment, or the one queue in town he swears is worth the wait?

    Where are you from originally?

    How long have you been here? 
    My whole life.

    What neighborhood do you call home?

    What's your job?

    What do you actually do all day?
    Study music scores/rehearse/send emails.

    Social smoker?

    Go-to pint?

    Crisp of choice?

    Preferred pub?
    Scolt Head. 

    What's worth the wait?
    Roti King - the only restaurant in London worth queuing for.

    Tube or Boris bike?
    My bike.

    Tesco or Sainsbury's?

    Weekend getaway trip?
    Lake District.

    Favorite restaurant?
    Maison Francois / Speedboat Bar / The Tamil Prince are current favourites.

    Marmite or marmalade?

    How do you take your tea?
    I don’t.

    Least British thing about you?

    Remedy for a rainy day?

    First thing you miss when you leave London?
    My dog.

    Private Members Clubs - yay or nay?
    Not for me.

    Where in town are you almost always?
    North of the river.

    Where in town would you never be caught dead?
    Soho House.

    Best place for a fun night out?
    Three Sheets.

    How would you describe your style?

    Top shopping spots?

    What's your greatest extravagance?
    Eating out.

    Cheap thrill?
    2am Maccies.

    Who's your favorite person in town?
    My boyfriend.

    Reading anything good at the moment?
    Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen.

    What are you most excited for next?
    My debut with the London Symphony Orchestra (7 July).

    [Photos by Kirk Truman]