Hey Ivanka, Could You Not Right Now?

by Stephanie Maida · January 29, 2017

    As thousands around the country remain protesting at major airports in response to Donald Trump's sudden and shocking "muslim ban," causing even dual citizens and green card holders to be detained upon returning to the country, Ivanka Trump continues to display her wealth, disconnect, and utter tone-deafness towards the American people her father had promised to lead. Rather than choosing right now to post a forced-smile selfie with your equally as soulless husband, maybe you could have, oh I don't know, NOT HAVE? Yes, you get to go to a fancy party in a tinfoil dress while refugees and yes, in fact, LEGAL immigrants are currently terrified for their lives.

    Girl, we all know you're the real First Lady. Maybe start acting like it?

    [Photo via @ivankatrump]