"Archie & Friends" Characters Undergo "Jersey Shore" Makeovers

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 26, 2010

    We already know "The Jersey Shore" is a cultural phenomenon, and we treasure the ways it has transformed our lives forever. So how do we feel about "Archie & Friends" getting a Jersey-styled makeover? (It should be as obvious as Snookie's pouf that we're all over it.)-

    If you think your eyes are trying to pull a fast one on you by depicting Reggie with a "Situation" six-pack in the picture above, they're not. Those abs will, in fact, proudly adorn the "Jersey Shore" inspired issue of the comic, on sale in July.

    And luckily, Reggie isn't the only one to undergo a "Jersey" style reinvention. In conjunction with his enviable abdominals, Reggie was given the nickname "The Complication." (Are you dying yet?!?!) Additionally, Archie's red hair is gelled into submission a la Pauly D, and newbie Cheryl Blossom (named "Snookums" in the issue) gets a gorgeous and unmistakable pouf. Betty, Veronica, and Jugghead also get makeovers, which basically means this issue will be a full-fledged comic depiction of the show. This might be the greatest thing since Angelina uttered those seven famous words: "I'm a bartender. I do great things."