It's always hard to let go of Halloween, especially when your weekend is so perfectly packed with parties as this year. So naturally, our thoughts turned to the only adult-aged people we know who wear absurd costumes year-round, the cast of "Jersey Shore". That's when we found toofab's wonderful Photoshop gallery of stars "gone Shore," as they put it. Only, they didn't necessarily uncover the true story.

You see, as our intrepid reporting uncovered, the original MTV plan was to have "JS" be an all-celeb show, featuring the "real" sides of celebrities you didn't realize actually grew up in Jersey. For example, Reese Witherspoon, whose high school yearbook photo from Seaside Heights High is pictured above, went by "Spooner" throughout her formative years, and was cut from the final cast after drinking a bottle of hand sanitizer in the bathroom at Karma during pre-film location scouting. And she's not the only one!

[all photos unless otherwise noted via toofab]