Mad Men and Jersey Shore: A Side-By-Side Comparison

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 6, 2010

    On the surface, Jersey Shore and Mad Men don’t have much in common except for filming right now and being the most highly anticipated shows on TV. But the seemingly opposite shows are a lot more similar than you would think.


    1. They rock sunglasses and Blue Steel faces.

    Jon Hamm is a method actor, you guys. So obviously, Don Draper is taking tips from Derek Zoolander on how to portray "perplexed" and "frustrated". Snooks, on the other hand, permanently has that sour look on her face... an unfortunate side effect of a diet consisting solely of vodka and pickles.


    2. They have only the deepest of conversations.

    Still in Don Draper mode, Jon is clearly engaging in a pivotal scene for his acclaimed drama - while JWoww is probably discussing how fake Kate Hudson's new boobs look with the girl on the right.


    3. Boys will be boys.

    There's a lot of downtime on set - sometimes you just need to let loose. Jonny lets his guard down and hams it up for the camera (no pun intended). And Vinny and Pauly D are just being their lovable, GTL selves.


    4. Everyone loves a puppy.


    Our heart melts just a little seeing Jon Hamm petting that adorable pooch... JWoww holding a carnival prize doesn't have the same effect.

    [Pictures via Photo Agency, Bauer Griffin,]