Pauly D Brings A Real Situation To Sutton Place On Saturday Night

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 25, 2010

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    Stepping into Sutton Place on Saturday night was like stepping into an alternate universe where poetry is spoken in fist pumps and character judged by the depth of one's fake tan. Ruling over his wannabe Italian minions was DJ Pauly D, guido with a heart of gold on Jersey Shore. Joining him in the deejay booth: a surprise guest by...

    ...castmate Vinnie Guadango! I've seen debauchery before but nothing like I saw at the Jersey Shore theme party that PR girls Kate Laufer and Danielle Petitti threw for a few (thousand) of their closest friends. Between all the hair poofs and bare stomachs, it was impossible to tell who genuinely repped their guidoness and who was just dressed for the theme. Crowding the dance floor directly beneath Pauly D's throne deejay booth was a sweaty, sloppy, and seriously enthusiastic crowd of would-be J-Wowws and Ronnies, dancing to Top 40 hits and chanting Pauly's name before the master of spin finally made his appearance.

    The question everyone was asking (and few could answer): How did this party come to be? Who convinced impresario of the "steel wheels" Paul DelVecchio to take a red eye from Vegas so that a few kids could be entertained at a Midtown bar?

    According to Laufer, a group of friends (all Jersey natives) wanted to throw a small theme party in an apartment. When the Facebook invite list grew from 75 to 700 they realized they would need more space. It was then that Pauly D's manager was contacted and the venue booked. By Friday afternoon, explained Laufer, "we had been picked up by all local New York news and are now up to over 2,000 RSVPs and a closed guest list."

    Also present: a Snooki impersonator wearing a hot pink corset and hair poof who posed for photos and repeatedly screamed, "You guys, honestly!" and whined like a dying Furby. She should take that show on the road.

    DJ Pauly D spinning his wheels of steel