I don't know about you, but I've seen the new Little Women twice, and I beyond plan on seeing it at least a third time while it's still in theaters. Why such a big fan? Well first, I'm a Barnard girl, which means I'm basically hardwired to support anything Greta Gerwig even looks at, second, because it's one of my favorite classics, and third, because Florence Pugh's outfits and acting are out of control in this movie.

I think we can all agree that for ages, Amy March has been the legit worst - whiny and bratty in the least appealing way. But Florence's Amy is brilliantly different - she's cool, easy, and just the right amount desperate that we can all relate to. She begs at the little sister in all of us, so hurt, so bent on being noticed that she'd burn her sister's life work in a rage. And sure she goes to Paris with Aunt March, and ends up with Laurie, but Jo wouldn't have known what to do with either of those things!

And while this generation's Amy is definitely on my mood board (this casual little caplet moment is EVERYTHING), I am even more into Florence herself. Now, I'm not going to lie, Little Women is the only thing I've seen her in (just the trailer for her film Midsommar has been haunting me, so zero percent chance I can mentally handle that), but with a husky movie star voice, eyebrows you could use as a bookshelf and an Oscar nomination, girl's clearly about to be everywhere. No doubt she'll be the most interesting person to look at on the Academy Awards red carpet. 

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[Photos via @florencepugh]