Cressida BonasCressida Bonas, Prince Harry

After the picture-perfect family portrait painted by Prince William, Duchess Kate, and His Royal Baby-ness, Prince George, it seems the world is after yet another royal fairy tale. Recently, rumors surrounding Prince Harry and his fling-turned-real-thing, Cressida Bonas, have reached an all-time high, with whispers of an impending wedding keeping media outlets on their toes. The engagement frenzy has even sparked a commercial spoof by 77Diamonds, a Mayfair jewelry company who hired look-a-likes to stage "The Big Question." With Cressida constantly hitting headlines these days, we couldn't help but size-up her style game. Turns out the blue-blooded beauty is a little bohemian, a little '90s, and a whole lot of cool. Click through to catch up on the quirky blonde who may be giving Kate a run for her money.