Londoners Continue To Redefine Fashion Forward

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 2, 2009

    Once again The Cobrasnake found himself on safari in London's Catch Bar and once again he brought back photos of some of the city's most progressive "trend-setters" in their native habitat - namely, inebriation.  Granted, the majority of the style choices made by this group of Londoners were edgy, innovative and outright gorgeous, but after looking through the photos I realized I have some proverbial bones to pick...

    Two things: 1) Bug eyes, 2) Facial Bruises

    1)  What is it about the presence of a camera that causes certain people to open their eyes and mouths as wide as they both will go?  You may think it's bad-ass to appear in photos looking like you've just been tazed, but I really don't feel the need to see your bloodshot sclera or the back of your phlegmy tongue.  Are you that desperate to stand out from the other people in the photo?  "We get it, sir, you're having a good time, now please return your face to "normal" before you crack my camera lens!"

    2) If you have a tendency to fall down and hit your face when you're drunk, or bump into walls and other solid objects, you probably shouldn't be drinking.  Nevertheless, if you must go out and binge, please put some foundation on your bruises when appearing in photos before it becomes trendy and we all have to start beating ourselves about the face outside the doors of The Gates.   You have that responsibility as the phenomenal trend-setters you are.

    lobotomy scars?

    [Photos via Cobrasnake].