Young British Designers Showcase Their Work At Secret Garden Party

by Neesha Arter · June 7, 2012

    Six young designers in London showcased their art and installations in an exclusive "secret garden" event photographed by Freddy Helwig. Located on the fifth floor terrace of the department store Harvey Nichols, these collaborations were not only innovative and inspiring, but perfect for summer, too.

    The secret garden installations were inspired by the summer collections of the 6 young designers, and pieces included a "confessional box of cum garden shed" by Marios Schwab and a "bamboo palace" by James Long. Creative stained glass windows and vinyl tabletops were a couple of the artsy additions to the display designed by Maarten Van Der Horst and Mary Katrantzou.

    The designers even worked with Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor Restaurant bar to create their own signature cocktail.  Artist James Long commented on the installation in an interview with Nowness:

    “We liked the idea of creating an interplay with the print and light, welcoming summer. I would love to create an environment for each collection—it tells another part of the story.”

    The chance to showcase their work at the famed Harvey Nicols was a dream come true for many of the designers, and though the installation closed last week you can still purchase items from the summer collections online and at Harvey Nicols. Click HERE for more info!

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