Pimm's Popsicles Are Summer's Poshest Boozy Treat

by Stephanie Maida · July 7, 2017

    If you've ever spent a summer in the U.K. or dated a British man with an impeccable jawline (we have done both), chances are you're familiar with the classic Pimm's Cup cocktail, a refreshing combination of the gin-based Pimm's No. 1, lemonade, and fruit that's meant to be enjoyed on those very rare days when the smog clears up and the sun shines down onto the face of Big Ben. Needless to say, they're delicious, and probably one of the only things ever to get the English rather excitable. 

    Well, hold on to your fascinators, for we have got some major news. The Britain-based premium popsicle company, POPS, have come out with a cool (literally) summertime treat that captures the essence of a Pimm's Cup in - what else? - an ice pop! It's all wrapped up in some 'grammable striped packaging and contains 4.3% alcohol by volume. Talk about boozy.

    For now the pops are only available in the U.K., but hey, we're always up for a little shopping trip to Selfridges.

    [Photo via @popspoparazzi]