We're pulling for Lindsay Lohan as much as the next person. After all, while taking time for herself she's been working with charities and traveling the globe to raise awareness for refugees. But sometimes, you've really got to wonder what's going through that fiery freckled head of hers.

Case in point. When you're most well known for being a slightly off-the-wall mess of sorts, whose worst moments seem always to play out perfectly and most photogenically in front of photographers, why would you play all too funnily into that unstable hand? 

For Halloween this year, Lohan stepped out at Fran Cutler's party at Albert's Club in London in none other than the pop-culturally appropriate, Lindsay Lohan-inappropriate get up of Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. Our reaction to the following photos where LL looks an all too convincing train wreck? Umm, too soon girl. Too soon.

Though at least she didn't go as the below, to which her Instagram caption was: 

"🎀🎃🎃🎀 #halloweencostume #halloweenisaworkout #halloween #everydaywewearpink and no filter." 

The only thing Lindsay won't hashtag? #nofilter. Click through for a look...

[Photo via @lindsaylohan]