Luke Edward Hall's Mythical Christmas Tree Is All The Holiday Decor Inspiration You Need

by Christie Grimm · November 29, 2019

    Decking the halls has never looked so artful. This year, cult-favorite artist and designer Luke Edward Hall has taken his penchant for playful, greco portraits and brilliant, bright colors and created the - dare we say - most festive fir tree in all the land.

    Perched in the lobby of The London EDITION, the design is a study in decadent, delightful mess. A potpourri of Christmas favorites from past, present and future. 

    Taking to his Instagram to celebrate the unveiling, Hall reveals, "I was inspired by the idea of a Christmas dream and classic stories about mythical lands, such as Peter Pan. So... I bought a very beautiful old wooden galleon, painted it gold and stuck it on top of the tree. It looks tiny here yet it’s actually over 75cm long and is very heavy, but with a lot of help from the hotel’s engineers, it now floats high above the marble lobby. I also just wanted to make a super jolly, colourful tree. (Christmas is not about restraint after all.)

    "The decorations are mostly old - I'd been gathering bits of scrappy German tinsel and baubles from the 1980s for months in preparation. I finished the tree off with giant cut-out illustrations of cherubs, swans, foxes, statues and busts. Yesterday I noticed that one of the carved figures high up in the lobby had been given a set of red painted lips (mysterious!), so I whipped out my paintbrush and painted the lips of my statues and busts in homage..."

    More is more after all!

    [Photos courtesy The London EDITION]