Nervous to meet your partner's parents or extended family? Bracing yourself for a tumultuous time? Around the holidays specifically, 'tis the season when tensions are high, and that extra degree of pressure can definitely make you say and do things you normally would never (i.e.: having one too many hot toddies or making that bad joke you will regret for years to come).

There's only one way to handle it - be prepared. Still flustered at what that actually means? Lucky for you we've dating and relationship experts from The Bevy to share their professional advice when it comes to navigating this most festive time of year.

An intensely personal matchmaking service that handpicks and vets qualified candidates to establish their membership, The Bevy counts everyone from Hollywood producers and celebrities to hedge fund managers and executives as clients. The boutique service, which is solely referral-based with no pictures and no last names, has a 95% success rate. The Co-Founders meet face-to-face with every single member and set up all dates (yes - they pick the place!), meaning they've really seen, heard, and experienced it all - including some serious mother-in-law horror stories.

Click through for their top tips for making mom and dad love you!

[Photo via @mishanonoo]