It's no secret that the British Royal Family and its extended members are aristocratically good-looking. But while we've all been swooning over Harry and Will's cousin Louis Spencer, it seems we've been missing out on the hunkiest young royal of all. Arthur Chatto, the Queen's 19-year-old great nephew, is 25th in line to throne, but first in line at the gym - a fact he's not afraid to show off in shirtless selfies.

The chiseled grandson of the Queen's late sister, Princess Margaret, the former page boy is now an art history student at the University of Edinburgh, where he could be seen working out, playing the bagpipes, and partying with a posse of hot co-eds (obviously). He also has quite the sense of adventure according to his Instagram, where he's shared pics of snowy mountaineering treks and ice diving excursions in Greenland.

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[Photos via @artchatto]