If you think Meghan and Harry lead a wild life in the spotlight, wait until you meet the Viscountess who literally lives among lions, tigers, and (koala) bears. 

Emma, the 32-year-old Viscountess Weymouth, is a fashionable philanthropist and one of the UK's favorite socialites. The glamorous mother-of-two also moonlights as a chef, model, and contributing editor at British Vogue - when she's not out feeding the wildlife housed on the property of her 9,000 acre estate, that is. Longleat House, her family's stately Elizabethan mansion, boasts 130 rooms (complete with secret doors hidden behind bookshelves, because duh) and doubles as a sprawling safari park and sanctuary caring for over 500 animals.

From black tie dinner parties to tea with cheetahs, click through for an inside look at her fiercely fabulous life.

[Photo via @emmaweymouth]