WTF Is Clear Coffee?

by Stephanie Maida · April 18, 2017

    Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's coffee that looks like water and quite frankly an invention that has us wondering whether science has gone too far. Launched in the U.K., CLRCFF is being marketed as the world's first colorless coffee drink, offering all the buzz of a traditional brew without all that teeth-staining. 

    While coffee purists may be rightfully skeptical, the beverage is apparently roasted using Arabica beans and pure water, via mysterious "methods which have never been used before" according to the website. Sounds scary, looks cool.

    While prices range from £5.99 for a two-pack to  £14.99 for four bottles, and stockists seem to be only in the United Kingdom, CLRCFF's website allows an option for delivery to the United States. Are you daring enough to try it?

    [Photo via @_rebena_, @clrcff]