The Many Hats Of Royal Ascot

by CHRISTINE LAI · June 16, 2010

    AND THEY'RE OFF! The British version of the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, has begun as of yesterday. Britain's finest gather at the Ascot Racecourse to bet on promising jockeys and their favorite horses. In addition to this, the Royal Ascot is an excuse to wear and show off your finest attire, drink hundred or thousand dollar bottles of champagne, and maybe watch a horse race or two. Apparently, around the world, not just in America, horse races are good enough reasons to gamble, dress up, and basically Vegas with horses.

    Although it may seem like the horse race is the focus of the Royal Ascot, n reality attending the horse race is all about HATS. All sizes, all shapes, all forms, and all colors are guaranteed to be seen. They are so distracting that you can forget about watching the race or being seen out and about. All you can do is stare at those ridiculous hats.

    Over-sized Hats: These hats are large and in charge. Over-sized hats = Over Kill

    Top Hats: The hat obsession isn't just for women. Baseball caps and visors aren't permitted so men are resorting to the wedding accessory instead.

    Hair Piece Hats: Some choose to go with hats that are smaller but smaller does not mean less noticeable. Bright colors and things jutting out of them does not compensate for size.

    Full Headed Hats: Not as obnoxious as the over-sized hat but still gives proper coverage. The safest hat to wear the Royal Ascot.

    Off Centered Hats: Why wear it in the center when you can wear it on the side? These hats remind me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's style (minus the visor, plus popping out flowers)

    [Photos via Flickr]