Saying Goodbye To EST. GofG Preps For L.A. Start Tomorrow Morning!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 21, 2010

    After weeks of research and meetings, we are excited to make this thing official tomorrow morning. How's it going to look? What are we going to cover? Well, the short answer is, we are figuring most of this out as we go. We are still learning tons about this city. We have gotten advice from experts ranging from friends like....

    ...Sean Macphearson, David Rabin, Andrew Freston, Douglas Friedman, Carlina Santo Domingo, etc. to the loads of people that have popped up through friends and friends of friends, and even, tumblr, twitter, facebook connections. Of course there are places and people that we are sure to start covering.

    There's the obvious: Chateau, Roger Room, Sam Nazarian, Sunset Towers, the opening of The Soho House, etc.  And the more obscure: house parties, that hot surfing champion, a mocha party, etc. etc. etc.

    Please continue to send your support in the form of an email, we will be back out to the "Left Coast" on Tuesday and are looking to meet you.

    Meanwhile, we have rounded up all of our posts from the Guest of a Guest New York site which have covered Los Angeles and moved them over for you to browse through. Note: Many of these posts revolve around the celebrity culture. Don't get the wrong idea...this is NOT the direction we see this new site going. It was just the easiest route to get started. Please be patient with us, but also make sure to call us out, tell us when we're wrong on something. Interact with our writers, engage with our other readers. All that jazz.

    See you in PST tomorrow!