"Controversial" Mural To Be Painted Over In An Effort To Clean Up Downtown L.A.?

by KAYLA HARVEY · February 25, 2010

    A “Controversial” Los Angeles mural is to be painted over Artist Emmeric Konrad’s mural which has been on the windows of Down 'n Out Bar in Downtown Los Angeles for over 18 years (that one dive-bar with all poster-sized celebrity mug shots behind the bar). The art work has been deemed "Too Much" for the city.

    A graduate of Otis and a former U.S. Search & Rescue Marine, Konrad’s Walt Disney inspired, neo-exibitionist style depicts humor with graphic nudity. Although the city is saying it’s because of a law which states windows of establishments can’t be painted on, rumor has it that it’s because they’re trying to “clean up” the city.

    In NYC, we would be looking to point our finger at Mayor Bloomberg for an outrage such as this.

    Who finds this offensive?? (Read: Not.Us.)