Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · January 28, 2011

    Hello all. It has been a pretty busy week in the art world. We have wonky art fairs, crazy auction prices, new shows, free admission, the list goes on an on. Luckily I pared it down for you into a more digestible size for better absorption. Shall we begin?



    Warhol-It's a Museum Free-For-All Weekend! That means quite a few local museums will be open to the public for free! Check out the list of which museums are participating here. The Hammer, MOCA, and the Getty (not that it isn't always free to go to the Getty which has a new show on video art from China opening this weekend) are all participating, I am so excited!

    -CSU Fullerton Begovich Gallery (I get a huge kick out of the name Begovich, try to say it with a straight face) is showing a collection of photographs and prints of Andy Warhol from their collection. What does that mean? A bunch of pieces you nor I have ever seen because they are in the collection of the CSU Fullerton Begovich (HA!) Gallery. Worth a road trip?

    -Las Cienegas Projects is opening a group show on Saturday night that looks promising. Over 30 artists and it's a good looking roster: Allison Schulnik, Brian Randolph, Alison Blickle? Yes please!


    Soo Kim-Art Los Angeles Contemporary started yesterday and I didn't go to the opening because I was in a funky mood and it's in Santa Monica. That, however, doesn't mean I won't be enjoying it and its accompanying parties this weekend. See you there.

    -Soo Kim is up at Angles Gallery and it is so good. Her intricately cut up and mashed up photos are like real life Escher worlds. Gorgeous.

    -The Hammer has selections from its contemporary collection up through this weekend. They have been really diligent about making this a world class collection, and it really is. Not to be missed.


    Titian's Venus1. A 450 year old Titian went for a record $16.9 Million at Sotheby's. Is it weird that the record for a Titian, A TITIAN, is less than what people pay for say a Koons or a Hirst today? From a straight investment point, because let's face it, $16.9 m is an investment, wouldn't you rather go for the true sale? Titian will be Titian until the end of times (2012?) but Koons or Hirst? Will they be so in fashion in 45 years? Food for thought. [DNA]

    2. Speaking of auction prices, Christie's is reporting $5.2 billion in sales last year, that's $1.9 billion more than the year before. I am not sure what this means except that rich people are spending money again. [ArtInfo]

    3. The Board of Regents are getting together to discuss the Wojnarowicz censorship controversy and there will be a planned demonstration outside:

    Protesters plan to meet outside the Smithsonian Metro station at the Mall entrance and will then proceed to The Castle, the Smithsonian's awesomely-named headquarters, where the news conference will also be held. Check out a google map link for more info. Assistance with transportation and lodging is also available for those traveling into DC, so be sure to get in touch. [Hyperallergic]

    4. A "trove" of unseen J.D. Salinger letters reveal him to be a regular fast-food eating, Niagra Falls loving, Tennis match watching dude who was always working on new stuff. What I wouldn’t GIVE to be able to read these letters! [ArtDaily]

    5. The VIP Art Fair, the online art fair I told you about last week, was "glitchy". That is predictable and a bummer. [AI]

    [Hammer photo via; Warhol photo; Soo Kim image via; Titian's Venus image via; Christie's photo via; J.D. Salinger image via]

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