Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · February 18, 2011

    Three-day weekend! This extra day couldn't come at a better time. Actually, that's not true, I appreciate any extra day in a weekend to do lots of stuff, or nothing, so I guess it's always the perfect time for a random holiday. However, it might rain!? I hate the rain! Maybe you don't? I hope you are braver than me, but I'll be honest, I moved here because I am a weather weenie and shrivel at the site of moisture. So, I made a special list of things to do this weekend and have divided it into for the hydrophobic (or it doesn't rain) and the brave! Enjoy.

    [Julian Hoeber photo via]

    "I'm afraid of the rain activities, because heaven forbid any of us ever come into contact with water that isn't from a pool/the ocean":

    -The Hammer is the best bet for this because you can park in the garage, which is directly underneath the museum and you can just go straight up and never REALLY be outside. Except when you are skirting around the edges of the atrium which will make you feel brave because you are confronting the rain without actually interacting with it. They are having a crazy sale at their bookstore and All Of This Or Nothing is showing which promises to be amazing.

    -That's basically it, everything else you do you are going to have to be outside. It's the internet for you! So here is a list of fun art related blogs that you can read:

    1. Google Art Project

    2. Hyde or Die (duh)

    3. Art Fag City

    4. Hyperallergic

    5. Tumblr.com/tagged/art – you have a tumblr right? Good.

    6. Smarthistory

    7. Art Theft Central – looking through their archives can keep me occupied for hours. No joke.

    8. What's your favorite? (this isn't a site, it's an actual favorite. I'm always on the lookout for new art reads!)

    "I’m not afraid of the rain activities":

    -Everything is opening in Culver City so you could go there on Saturday night and hit up the following (which I am going to try to be brave and do). My must-hit list:

    1. Taylor deCordoba has Frohawk Two Feathers. What is that? I don't know but I plan to find out.

    2. Honor Fraser is opening William Lamson's A Line Describing the Sun. Apropos.

    3. Blum and Poe is still showing Julian Hoeber, I am not 100% if they will be open on Saturday night with the rest of them, but I hope so! I would love to see his paintings in person.

    -It's tax season and you know who won't let you forget it? The Huntington. Their show Taxing Visions got the thumbs up from William Poundstone and that is all I need to know to get over there and check out some oil paintings about ½ of the inevitable. (hint: Not death)



    1. By now you have heard that Banksy hit up a few L.A. spots with some new work. Very exciting. What’s not exciting is that the billboard that he painted over has been taken down and claimed by CBS. Second verse, same as the first. [DesignBoom]

    2. Ai WeiWei had a retrospective in Beijing canceled because of an "Unexplained Sensitive Political Situation." Sounds about as shady as you can get. [ArtInfo]

    3. Speaking of retrospectives, Sylvester Stallone has one. For his paintings. No joke. You know what else isn’t a joke? I kind of want to see it. [Art Daily]

    4. In other weird news: It's not art you see on a wall but on a stage. There is an opera, an actual opera, devoted to Anna Nicole Smith. [Culture Monster]

    5. Not only is iPhone photojournalism a thing, it's causing controversy. Instamatic? More like InstaDRAMZ! HEY-O! [Hyperallergic]

    And yes, I know I overreact to the prospect of weather. Don't judge.

    [Harp Hammer via; William Lamson via; Huntington Tax via; Banksy via; Sly Stallone via; Anna Nicole Opera via]