Everything You Need To Know On L.A.'s Art Scene This Week

by Alexis Hyde · March 12, 2011

    Marina Abramovic

    To make up for last week (I was sick and didn't do one, did you notice? You did?! You're sweet) I am going to do my best ever art round up. Maybe even the best art round up the world has ever seen! Or, you know, just a really good one.


    1. Back to the Future is a show comprised of all painters! I love painters and we don't get to see them enough. The opening is tonight at the Think Tank (939 Maple). See you there!

    2. Debacle Magazine is a new free art quarterly that is launching on Saturday night at Nomad Gallery. There will be a taco truck. Need I say more?

    3. Wolfgang Tillmans is opening at Regen Projects on Saturday Night. Very excited to see his work, it has been ages!


    1. Rodarte at MOCA's PDC location is not to be missed. The opening party was to be missed, I was there and it was meh. But the show! I lack a thesaurus at my fingertips to describe how incredible the show is. Also, it's free so no arguing!

    2. Just found out that the Huntington Library is going to be closing the Japanese gardens temporarily starting April 4th. Get over there, enjoy the art and the outside!

    3. The finally arrived Turner painting that the Getty purchased way back is on view. It was a long journey, but I think once we all see it we will be very grateful for all the trouble that went into it. Also, we will probably understand why Europe was so reluctant to let it go.




    1. Remember the Banksy that was on the water tank? Apparently there was a squatter living in it who is now being kicked out because, well, like everyone else they want to sell the piece and make some money. [Hyperallergic]



    2. Mr. Brainwash is getting sued by Run DMC. This is not a reality show pitch for E! (but it could be, call me), this is an actual lawsuit. [Art Info]

    3. Speaking of lawsuits, Marina Abramovic won hers! [TAN]

    4. ….And more lawsuits, the argument over the found "Ansel Adams" pictures escalates. [TAN]

    5. Yale is finally returning the collection of Machu Picchu artifacts it has had in its possession for so long back to Peru. They aren't happy about it but I am glad justice has prevailed. [Art Newspaper]

    New Category Alert! General Interest!

    -Check out what it takes to install a Bruce Nauman.

    -Where would you like to see the first ever Donald Judd retrospective?

    -How would you go about creating the label for a new to you Turner?


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    "Over the course of 2011, a slew of exhibits in California will force a substantial reconsideration of America’s art history." –Tyler Green. Way to go California!

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