L.A. Turns Out For Chicago's POSE Graffiti Art Show

by guestofaguest · May 28, 2010

    [All photos via thenightlenz] Last weekend, Known Gallery on Fairfax hosted an opening reception for POSE's art exhibition "RUMBLE!!"  The graffiti artist hails from the Windy City, but came out west to show L.A. his Chi-town style with an impressive collection of dynamic, comic book-like paintings in his solo exhibition.

    Based on the fantastic turnout for the show, you would have thought POSE was a local getting support from his hometown, but it was just Angelenos welcoming the visitor with open arms. Apparently L.A. really loves a good graffiiti artist, no matter where they're from. The show drew a mix of skaters, hipsters, art geeks and girls in short skirts who enjoyed a night of cocktails, PBR and a first look POSE's collection.