L.A.'s Art Scene

by Emily Green · April 2, 2010

    I get the "L.A. has no real culture, other than the celebrity aspect" from people all the time who don't live here. Yes, the Hollywood culture here is a very large component of what makes this town tick and often seems like the main lifeline of it's existence, however, most Angeleno's are so desensitized and truly don't care about celebrities.  In fact, the whole thing is generally pretty annoying to us and is the source of much inconvenience (anyone remember the traffic on and around Sunset the day MJ died?). Because the rest of the world cares about celebrity BS, the real L.A. culture is often eclipsed, which is why there's a misconception that celebrity culture is the city has to offer. On the contrary, L.A. has some fantastic art exhibits and events happening now through the upcoming months.  Some to look forward to:

    C.A.V.E. Gallery, Venice April 2nd-May 1st: "They Moved Tombstones But Not the Bodies" featuring works by Josh Wigger, Jesse Balmer, Robert Amador, Zach Johnsen, Tom Keating, Eatcho, and Jason Graham. Opening Reception tonight, 7-11.

    La Luz De Jesus, Silver Lake, April 2nd-25th: Max Grundy's "Out of Order", Dennis Larkins' "Read Between the Lines The Startling Art of Dennis Larkins" and Scott Hove's "Iced Out"; Opening reception tonight, 8-11pm

    The G2 Gallery, Venice: March 30h-April 25th: Angela Hanka's "Nature LA"; Opening reception tonight, 6-9pm

    L.A. Louver in Venice April 8th-May 8th: Charles Garabdian "Recent Paintings," David Hockney "More Drawing in a Printing Machine," and Olga Koumoundouros "Hard Times: Owed to Studs Terkel and All of Us"; Opening reception April 8th

    Downtown LA Artwalk April 8th

    [Image by Dennis Larkins via La Luz de Jesus]