The Ugly L.A. Mural Only Influencers Are Allowed To Stand Near MUST Be Satire

by Stephanie Maida · June 26, 2018

    Remember when street art meant something? And we're not even talking in a sell-out Banksy sort of way. Originally, the concept democratized art - it was specifically created to bring masterpieces to the masses. Nowadays, however, every painted-over brick wall is stumbled upon by city dwellers and quickly exploited for #OOTD Intsagrams. And hey, we're guilty of it, too. But this new mural that has popped up in Los Angeles is really putting the nail in the coffin - or perhaps it's hitting the nail on the head.

    Yesterday, VICE writer Justin Caffier tweeted snaps of a "private" mural, saying, "There’s a new security-guarded mural in LA that only allows influencers and verifieds to take pics in front of it." It sounds like an Onion headline, but, like everything else in 2018, it's real. So. Ridiculously. Real.

    Located at 7753 Melrose Ave., the creation is hidden behind a tent and, sure enough, there's a tough-looking security guard keeping watch. It depicts a heart, angel wings, and script that reads "City of Angels." The idea, we guess, is to have fashion girls pose so that the angel wings fly out from behind their probably Revolve-outfitted backs. Oh, and instead of a halo, there's a verified check mark. Of course.

    It seems to be the brainchild of a mysterious account called @likeandsubscribe. On its Insta page, it indicates that all will be revealed on July 9th.

    While the whole situation seems to be causing outrage, we'd venture to guess that it's all just a brilliant marketing ploy for a new Netflix show or something. We mean, the handle @likeandsubscribe is a little too on-the-nose not to be satire. It's certainly a great way to mock today's social media-obsessed society.

    We guess we'll all find out soon enough. But until then, verifieds and influencers with 20,000 followers can go have a hashtaggable ball.

    [Photos via @JustinCaffier]