Tyler Shields: L.A.'s Hottest Photographer

by Emily Green · April 30, 2010

    Get familiar with Tyler Shields, the photographer responsible for those photos of Lindsay Lohan with a gun and clad in lingerie dripping blood that everyone's been freaking out overHe's L.A. based and, aside from those provocative photos of Lindsay that have recently surfaced, is best known for his celebrity portraits.

    He's shot everyone from Rainn Wilson to Perez Hilton and is especially skilled in pushing the envelope with his striking and sickly enthralling images, often charged with sex and violence. But the artist is also greatly talented at creating beautiful, softer images that still retain the captivating power of his more severe photographs. For someone still in his 20s, Shields has broken out onto the scene in a big way and L.A. is proud to boast such a young talent as one of their own.

    Shields has his big show Collisions tomorrow night where he'll be displaying his awesome photographs for his L.A. fans and friends. We are fortunate enough to have been invited to what is sure to be a fabulous event and are so excited to see what Shields has in store for us.  Make sure to check back for our coverage of the night and follow us on twitter for up-to-the-minute details from inside the party!  In the meantime, check out some of our favorite pieces we've selected from Shields' portfolio.

    [All photos by Tyler Shields via TylerShields.com]