"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Lessons In Posing For The Camera At Las Palmas

by Emily Green · August 5, 2010

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For most, being camera-ready when going out is an inevitable consideration if you care about your unregulated image being out there in the world. As children of this information age, learning to pose is as routine as learning your times tables, a practice that's spawned a serious, strained kissy-face epidemic.  Tyra Banks and "America's Next Top Model" are also partially to blame. But there are other options for you to explore, as these kids at Las Palmas last night will show...

Elbow out with hand on head

Closed-mouth sweet smiles.

Graphic, sexually suggestive gestures.

Ceiling Eyes.

Saturday Night Fever.

If you hate having your picture taken, wear eye-catching shoes and direct the photographer down to them. Who needs another photo of someone's face when they're wearing knee-high glitter boots?

If being shot from below, bend at knees and put your back into it.

Prom stack

A nice use of symmetry to balance the sexes.

Hamming it up during the group shot with some drama.